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Welcome to this first week of the

"I Believe in You" virtual retreat! 

This retreat is based on the newly released book by

Luca Badetti that focuses on trusting in ourselves and the other, grounded in stories from L'Arche communities in which people with and without intellectual disabilities share life.

This first week encourages you to recognize and let go of those masks that prevent you from truly being yourself. 

You will find here a reflection to read on the theme, a video to watch, as well as questions for your reflection.

I hope you will have a fruitful trust journey! 

People can hide behind ideas about themselves and their roles,

to the point of using these as their masks.

Through encountering love in community, these masks can be let go of.

Click the play button below to watch a video sharing by the author

on this week's theme!


Here below you can read, at your own pace, the text reflection for this week.

Sketch Arrow
Blank Paper

1) Ask yourself “Who am I?” What images and/or words come to your mind? Is there one you find to be deeper than the others?

2) What masks do you tend to wear? In what circumstances and why? How can you let go of the masks?

3) In which space, activity or relationship do you sense your authentic self easily coming alive?

How does this happen?

(P. 115)

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You will be receiving a "check in" email in a few days, and the second reflection in a week's time.

Following up on this week's reflection on letting go of inner masks, next week we will focus on the art of "just being."

Comments and/or questions you'd like to share? Feel free to connect via social media or via email by clicking below.


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